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Competition Results

Member Competition Results

SRFSC Competitive Member and Club Hosted Results foR 2018

 August 2018 Competition Results Update

National Showcase - Detroit
Marco Berg - 2nd place, Senior Light Entertainment Final, 2nd place, Senior Dramatic Entertainment Final
Sarena Berg - 5th place, Novice Dramatic, 7th place, Novice Light
Rebecca Hisen - 3rd place, Pre Preliminary Light Entertainment, 1st place in pre preliminary extemporaneous. She was awarded the Jennifer Ritter Trophy for recall mixed levels extemporaneous at the Los Angeles Showcase in June 9-10. 
Sophia Smith - 1st place, Pre Preliminary Showcase Interpretive, 2nd place Preliminary Spins Challenge, 3rd place Pre Preliminary Showcase Dramatic at CCIA in June.
Marco Berg - 1st place, Senior Light Entertainment, 1st place, Senior Dramatic Entertainment and 2nd place, 2018 Pro Skaters Open at the Sun Valley Summer Championships in July.
Sarena Berg - 1st place, Novice Dramatic, 2nd place, Novice Light Entertainment at the Sun Valley Summer Championships in July.
Sarena Berg and Emily Lile - 1st place Novice Duets at the Sun Valley Summer Championships in July.
 Gold Rush
Sarena Berg
4th Junior/Senior Dramatic
3rd Junior/Senior Light
Zuri Gao
2nd no test dramatic
4th no test light
Tutu Gao
2nd basic dramatic
Victoria Chandler
4th high beginner light
7th high beginner dramatic
 Spring Preview
Zuri Gao.
2nd No Test dramatic
1st No Test light
Tutu Gao
1st. Basic dramatic 
1st High Test Duet.
Isabelle douch
2nd Intermediate Light
5th Intermediate Dramatic 
Victoria Chandler
2nd High Beginner Light and Dramatic 
1st High Test Duet. 
 Crystalline Classic 2018
Darya Kovalenko - Crystalline Champion
Evan Mullins -  2nd place
Kaylee Bertolucci - 3rd place
Liadan Emmert - Michelle Van Dyke Award
Naomi Harkey - Marcia Kresge Award