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Pacific Stars in Action!




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All photos in this column are from the 2003
Synch Nationals held in Alabama.
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Further Publications and Information

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General Information on Synchronized Team Skating
offered by the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club
and the Redwood Empire Ice Arena
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The Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club's Pacific Stars Synchronized Skating Team Divisions are determined each year and are dependent upon the ages and skating levels of the participants. Skaters from the age of 9 through adult are encouraged to join our sessions.  Team Practice normally begins in August and runs through June of the following year.  Junior Team members must have turned 12 years of age before July 1 but must not have turn 19 years by that date.  Skaters have a test requirement of Intermediate Moves in the Field.
For further information please contact the Synchronized Team Skating Coordinator: 
Denise Morehead -
Synchronized Team Skating is a fast-paced, high -speed sport that requires intricate footwork, and the reliance on each team member to produce, in unison, a cohesive , beautifully orchestrated yet complex program. In the last 20 years, Synchronized Team Skating (formerly known as Precision skating) has emerged as an exciting, dramatic form of the sport of figure skating. According to the United States Figure Skating Association , it is "the hottest form" of skating today, with teams of 12 -24 skaters (ages 8 years to adult) of all levels developing in 450 clubs across America.



The first Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club Synchronized Team Skating started competing in 1978 skating drill style numbers. They traveled to competitions in Sacramento, Fresno, and San Diego and had a three year span of first place finishes.

1984, introduced three reshuffled United States Figure Skating Association style precision teams at Santa Rosa's Redwood Empire Ice Arena. Renamed the Pacific Stars, our teams now junior, novice and juvenile, finished spectacularly earning a place on the awards podium at the San Diego Sectionals. They immediately made plans to travel to the Nationals being held just three weeks later in Cleveland, Ohio. The Santa Rosa business community enthusiastically answered the appeal to cover the travel costs for 84 skaters, coaches, and chaperones.
Between 1984 and 1991, the Pacific Stars competed in the Pacific Coast Sectionals Competitions in San Diego, Tacoma, Seattle, Salt Lake, Portland, and Los Angeles. They also attended Precision Nationals in Cleveland, Tulsa, Reno, Providence, Houston, and Anchorage.
After a four year hiatus, the Junior team competed in the 1995 Las Vegas, Nevada Sectionals and the San Diego Nationals. The following year both the Junior and Juvenile teams competed in the Sectionals Competition in Berkeley. In 1997 both teams traveled to the Seattle, Washington Sectionals and the Junior team continued on to the Syracuse, New York Nationals.
The SRFSC Pacific Stars teams excelled at the Pacific Coast Sectionals in Long Beach, California, with both the Junior and Juvenile teams finishing in first place. That season culminated March 10-15, 1998 in San Diego, California with the Junior team again competing in the US Precision Team Skating Championship. Each year the stature, complexity and ability of the competitive Precision teams has increased.
In 1999 under the direction of their coaches, Michelle Van Dyke and Robyn Chambers the Youth team skated an exhibition (no other Youth Introductory teams entered the competition) and the Junior Pacific Stars Team took 2nd place in the Pacific Coast Championships in January 1999 at Colorado Springs. In March 1999 the Junior team competed in the Nationals Precision Championships in Tampa, Florida, where they placed 11th in the nation for Junior teams.
With only 10 skaters for the 2001-2002 season, the Pacific Stars entered the Teen Intro Division.  The team competed at Regionals in Anaheim, California and came home with the gold medal for their division!
For the 2001-2002 season we had a Junior team with 18 members. The team took the Bronze medal at Regionals in Westminster, Colorado, which qualified the team for the national competition. The Nationals were held at the Olympic Arena in Lake Placid, New York and the Pacific Stars placed 13th in the Junior division.

In 2003, our team became the 2003 Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Junior Champions - a great achievement for all their hard work!  They were honored to represent the west coast at the 2003 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Hunstville, Alabama. The team placed 15th in the Junior Division.

The picture below shows the team happily skating their short program.  
More photos from the 2003 Coast Competition...


For more information or details on synchronized skating opportunities, 
contact the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club at (707) 546-7147, ext 375

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